May 13th & 14th, 2017: GCA GCA is supported the entry of Greyhounds at the Mid-Atlantic Hound Association of Central North Carolina.
Conformation judge:  Saturday, Jed Chua; Sunday, Garry K. Newton
Sweepstakes (Saturday only): Lisa M. Costello
Superintendent: MB-F
Closing date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

July 28, 2017:  GCA Western Specialty at Ryon Park in Lompoc CA. Conformation judge, Dr. Edna Martin. Sweepstakes judge, Valerie Stokes. Junior Showmanship judge, Hannah Firchon. Rally judge, Barbara Arine.  Obedience judge, Lawrence Libeau.

September 8, 2017: GCA Central Specialty at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley CO.
Conformation judges — show #1, Bill Shelton; show #2, Pauline Hewitt

September 27, 2017: GCA Eastern Specialty at Sampson State Park in Geneva NY. This is GCA’s 2017 National Specialty show!  Conformation judge, Clare Boggia. Sweepstakes judge, Patti Clark.
Note: Judges pending AKC approval.

May 5, 2018: GCA Eastern Specialty at Tinicum State Park in Erwinna, PA.  Conformation judge, Robert Paust.
Note: Judges pending AKC approval.

September 2018: GCA Central Specialty at Purina Farms in Grays Summit, MO.
Conformation judge, Espen Engh.
Note: Judges pending AKC approval.
Note: This show will be part of a cluster — specific dates to be announced.

October 2018: GCA Western Specialty in conjunction with Del Valle KC and the Greyhound Club of Northern California in Pleasanton, CA. This is GCA’s 2018 National Specialty show!
Conformation judge, Bitte Ahrens.
Note: Judges pending AKC approval.
NOTE: Specific date of GCA Western to be announced.