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The Greyhound Club of America is a participant in the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program and supports health research, education, and rescue efforts that will benefit the Greyhound breed.  Greyhound owners are encouraged to become members of the Purina Pro Club program.  Pro Club members save up the weight circles from their Purina dog food bags and send them in to Purina for rewards and rebate checks good toward future dog food purchases.  Purina designates $10 for every $100 worth of weight circles earned by Pro Club members to the Parent Club included on their membership form.  Additionally, Purina designates an additional $10 in the Parent Club's name to the Canine Health Foundation to further health research.

If you are not a member of the Purina Pro Club, you can apply.  For complete terms and conditions and to find out more about the program, go online at: http://www.purinaproclub.com


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