Photos, Videos and Input Needed for Our Website

As we are growing the GCA website, we need your help!

Content Suggestions

First, we would like your input as to the content we are adding. Please check out the proposed structure by clicking here and check out some of the things we are working on. If you have any ideas or suggestions contact Joan Malak at with GCA website in the subject line .

Memorial Photos and Thoughts

We want to create an extensive memorial page. View the beginning of the page by clicking here. We want to feature your rainbow hounds, so please consider sending us a photo with the dog’s registered name, date of birth and date of death, sire and dam, owner and a short comment if you’d like. Let’s make this a beautiful place for all of us to visit those greyt dogs of our past. Send this information to Joan at with GCA website in the subject line.

Videos, Photos and Content

We want the website to include pictures and videos of many different greyhounds doing a variety of different things. We’d love to show puppies, adults and senior citizens. Place look through your own archives and storage files and send us some of the wonderful photos and videos that you have of your hounds. Here is a list of things we are looking for:

  • Videos and photos of Activities your Dogs Do.  We would like greyhounds participating in any dog sports, therapy, tricks or activities that your dogs enjoy.  Include with these dog’s call name, registered name, sire, dam, and owner. For dog sports include the handler’s name if it is not the owner. Youtube links are great for videos. These will go on pages like the agility page that you can view by clicking here.
  • Photos and videos for a Just For Fun page. Please send any photos or video you have that is shows any aspect of our wonderful dogs that you would like to share. Be sure to include the dog’s call name for this section. Again, Youtube video work well. All photos and videos should go to Joan at with GCA website in the subject line.
  • Articles for new content and expansion of some of the older content. If this is an area you are interested in, contact Joan and ask her what she needs written or share your own ideas with her.
  • Short comments (3-4 sentences) on why you love Greyhounds. It would be great if you would post them on our Facebook site HERE and we will use those comments to create some content and pull quotes for the website. This should be fun!
  • Frequently Asked Questions. We will be creating a page for FAQ on the website, so we would love to hear the ones you hear most often. Again, post them on the Facebook page HERE so we can gather some great ideas for our FAQs page.