2015 GCA Standing Committees

The following are the committees that the 2015 GCA Board of Directors has approved. Following each committee is the purpose of the committee and any positions that have been filled and those that need to be filled. Please review these committees to see where you might fit in. To volunteer for any position, please contact Dani Edgerton at dani.edgerton@gmail.com or 330-506-9411. … Read More

Photos, Videos and Input Needed for Our Website

As we are growing the GCA website, we need your help! Content Suggestions First, we would like your input as to the content we are adding. Please check out the proposed structure by clicking here and check out some of the things we are working on. If you have any ideas or suggestions contact Joan Malak at majikees@cass.net with GCA website … Read More

Proposed GCA Website Structure and Content

Website purpose:  Education and communication for members, judges, and general public Menu structure and contents: About Greyhounds Want to buy a Greyhound? Quiz on whether a greyhound is right for you Greyhound FAQ Puppy FAQ Information about temperament for newbies Articles on what it’s like to live with Greyhounds Health related issues and problems Puppies/dogs available list with photos Links … Read More

Changes Abound for the GCA Southern Specialty

Conformation Judge Change There is a change of judge for the Specialty on Friday from Mr. Gareth Morgan-Jones to Mrs. Sharon Lyons. The Board appreciates the fact the Mrs. Lyons was able to step up at the last minute for this assignment. Mrs. Lyons is provisional in Greyhounds so this is a nice opportunity for her as well. Change of Lure … Read More

Juniors, NYC and Committee Changes

Snowy Greetings from Ohio! The GCA Board of Directors has had our first meeting of the year (via Video Conference call) and all went well. The ideas are certainly flowing.There are a few timely issues that I would like to bring to your attention. Junior Memberships Our junior membership application is ready! I would ask that everyone would now encourage … Read More

Up and Running…

Happy New Year! I am so looking forward to the upcoming year and working with the Board of the GCA as well as Greyhound club members. I have been trying to talk to as many members as possible by phone or by email but with 142 of you it may take awhile. In the meantime, feel free to call or … Read More

GCA… New Year. New Website.

Greyhound Club of America started of 2015 with a new website. The new site will allow for more website features, better page design and a great way to communicate with our members.