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Finding a good breeder for any breed requires some basic homework on the part of the buyer. Information about who the breeders are can be found by contacting the Greyhound Club of America Breeder Referral, or the AKC Breeder Referral who can put you in touch with breeders in your area. AKC greyhound breeders are a small group and it is not unusual to have to go outside your area for a puppy. That means building a relationship over the phone with the breeder and through networking with others who may have bought a puppy from this breeder previously. The breeder should be happy to supply you with those contacts.

While you are busy asking your prospective breeder questions regarding the longevity, temperament, and health issues in their breeding program, the conscientious breeder will be drilling you about other dogs, play areas, your home, and your ability to support this animal in sickness and health.

A good breeder will also be telling you about their contract. The contract is to protect the puppy for his lifetime and will include items related to your first vet visit, whether this is a show vs pet puppy and information related to the show career, and most importantly that if you can not keep this puppy at any time in its life, the breeder will take it back. If possible, you should start looking at puppies well in advance of your planned purchase. This may give you a better feel for the quality of dog a kennel produces.

Your breeder should be your friend and mentor for life and if you buy a show puppy, should be able to give you advice on judges, shows near you, and how to enter an AKC event. This information is also available from AKC. More importantly your breeder will help you decide, even long distance through pictures and video, WHEN you should embark on a show  or performance career. Puppies develop at different rates of speed and the good breeder will know when the timing is right to increase your success rate.

If you plan on a show career with your youngster, it is important to socialize this puppy around other dogs. A puppy kindergarten offered by the local kennel club or training group may be the ticket. Socializing with humans is important for a successful pet whether you have purchased a show dog or not. Even before your first event, you should attend some shows and watch the ring. It is here you will meet your future competitors and pick up tips and information from them. You will also get to see how your puppy measures up to those in competition. Don’t be shy, most people will be happy to talk to you after their judging.

Another tool is the AKC video on the Greyhound, where our breed standard and other useful information is explained in layman’s terms.

If you feel that you are not up to the task of showing your own dogs, there are people willing and able to do so for a fee. Each handler will have their own fee schedule. Take the opportunity to observe these people at a local show. Watch their interaction with the dogs they handle, are the dogs comfortable or stressed, clean, well conditioned and in good weight? Again, references from their past clients will be most helpful. You can find these by checking out some back issues of Sighthound Review and speaking with people ringside.

Any member of the Greyhound Club of America should be happy to help you with your questions. With e-mail, we are all just around the corner. If you wish to contact a breeder, through the GCA Breeder Referral, in your area that is a member in good standing of GCA, please be prepared to give the following information about yourself:

  1. Why you are interested in obtaining a Greyhound?
  2. Please list personal references and veterinary references.
  3. What other pets do you own?
  4. Do you have fenced yard?

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