2025 Greyhound Club of America Futurity

Join us for this special event held in conjunction with the 2025 GCA National and the 2025 Greyhound World Congress!

What:  The 2025 Futurity is part of the 2025 GCA National/Eastern Specialty
When: December 12, 2025
Where: Orlando, FL

What an exciting opportunity to showcase your breeding program to national and international participants in the World Congress. Stay tuned for final deadlines once the National Specialty schedule is finalized.

Enter the futurity-- coming soon --
Nominations for the 2023 Futurity are now closed.

What is a Futurity?

A Futurity is a competition where you predict the prospect of producing a quality puppy in your planned litter by putting your money on the line. Your hope is that your prediction comes true and you recoup your nominating and entry fees and maybe much more!! Not to mention the prestige of having your breeding acumen recognized by your peers.

You have a quality bitch that has passed all the recommended health screenings. She is in prime physical condition and has a stable temperament that that would make her a stellar mother to puppies that will spend the majority of their life being cherished pets and companions. You’ve spent an enormous amount of time studying pedigrees and looking at prospective stud dogs and their offspring.

And now you’re going to have puppies. One of the things on your to-do list should be nominating your bitch for the Futurity. By nominating your bitch you are predicting that this litter will be something special. You are predicting that one or more of your puppies will be an outstanding greyhound. You do this before the puppies are even born. That’s how much confidence you have in your decision making so far.

Sometime before the litter reaches four months of age you select your standouts to nominate individually. Maybe it’s just one or two. Maybe it’s the whole litter. Now you’re predicting that your individual nominees are going to fulfill their early promise.

Six months or so before the actual Futurity occurs you will have the opportunity as the breeder of the litter to participate in nominating the Futurity judge. Only breeders with potential competitors are allowed to nominate and vote on the judge.

Entering the Futurity is done the same way as entering any other show. Your individually nominated puppy is individually entered through the Superintendent. Puppies may be nominated and entered by either their breeder or owner.