Suggested Reading on Greyhounds

1.  “Greyhounds In America, Vol. 1”. 1989, published by the GCA.

The second printing of this comprehensive reference on the breed is NOW available, in limited number.

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2.  “The Greyhound, A Study Guide to the AKC Breed Standard”. A handbook published by the GCA,

available through Sheryl Bartel, $10 each.

3.  “The Book of the Greyhound”, by Sue Lemieux. TFH Publications

4.  “Greyhounds, A Complete Pet Owners Guide”, by Dr. Caroline Coile

5.  “Greyhound” by Juliette Cunliffe, published in the UK by Pet Love

6.  “The Greyhound Club Handbook”, a triennial publication of the Greyhound Club in the UK. For info: Occasionally available through the GCA Boutique.

7.  “The Art of Medieval Hunting: The Hound and the Hawk”, by John Cummins. Castle Books

8.  “The Complete Dog Book”, by the American Kennel Club. An excellent book about all AKC recognized breeds with helpful sections on dog care.