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AKC Breeder Courses

AKC Breeder courses are available through the Canine College for anyone to take. These courses are free and we urge anyone with an interest in dogs to complete the Canine Anatomy course. This course will provide you with the terminology and its correct use when discussing dog structure and function. Whether you breed or not, this course is a step in the direction of improving your skills to evaluate your own dogs. If you are a breeder, find out more about the AKC Breeder recognition program at this site and continue expanding your knowledge by completing course work and exams.

Courses offered include ABC’s of Dog Breeding – Breeding Systems, Canine Genetics, Genetic Defects and Health, Kennel Blindness, and Pedigree Selection.

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Breeder Surveys

Researchers from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph are conducting a series of online surveys examining how dog breeders are managing breeding females and puppies. This research is aimed at understanding common practices used by dog breeders in Canada and the United States. More specifically we would like to identify early management factors that might be protective against the development of behaviour and welfare issues later in life. We are currently recruiting participants for the second survey looking at puppy resource management. Additional surveys will be released in the coming months. We are hoping breeders from Greyhound Club of America will be interested in participating in this research. If so, further details on this particular survey are provided in the advertisement below, and in the preamble to the online survey. We can also provide a paper copy of this survey if you get in touch with us using the contact information provided below. We are hoping you would be willing to forward this to breeders in your breed group.

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Therapy Dog Symposium

The next National Dog Show Therapy Dog Symposium at Rowan University will be held both in-person and virtual on December 7, 2022. These symposiums are one of America’s most important gatherings devoted to therapy dogs. The day-long conference brings together therapy dog handlers, health care experts, academics, those who want to get involved and people who simply love dogs, to share information, cutting edge research, insights from practical applications and best practices.

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The February 2021 issue of the AKC Gazette is available online. Click here for a direct link to an excellent article by Patti Clark titled "A Greyhound Lover's Resource."

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Note:  Gazette viewing tips - After you open the Gazette, it is best viewed in “full screen mode” by clicking the icon on the upper left. You can also use the magnify tool, or zoom in using the wheel on your mouse.

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Topic covering misconduct, making your show an event, social media and marketing, tax laws and much more.

There is no limit to the number of club members that may attend. During the webinars, you will be able to ask questions and participate in open discussion.

AKC Judges Education Webinar Series

Judges education webinars covering different AKC recognized breeds are also available.

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