Ethical Standards

Adopted by the Board of Directors of the Greyhound Club of America, Inc. on October 23, 1993


In accordance with the foremost aim of the Club, to consider the welfare of the breed, to preserve its fine qualities and to foster its betterment, the purpose of these standards is to express the principles of conduct in club-related activities and to convey them to the membership in writing.

Detail in matters of the welfare of the animals and the interest of good sportsmanship is included to offer guidance to newcomers to the club with limited experience in the sport of dogs. Guidelines cover the many facets of the sport, including relationship to the Greyhounds, exhibiting, breeding, finding good homes for puppies, and stud service, all to be conducted under the umbrella of non-commercialization.

When confronted by a situation not covered by these standards, members should conduct themselves toward others as they would like to be treated under similar circumstances.

General Responsibility Toward Animals

All dogs should be kept in sanitary and comfortable quarters, provided with adequate food and water, and given maximum health protection including preventative measures (inoculations) and periodic veterinary attention. The comfort of dogs being shipped and/or exhibited should be equally considered.

Special Responsibilities

A prerequisite for the owner of the purebred Greyhound is a thorough knowledge of the breed, which can be acquired through reading, study of the live animal, guidance from fellow members with greater experience and from other experts. Only with this knowledge can successful breeding be developed. Whether linebreeding or outcrossing is used, both dog and bitch should be free of major faults, particularly of those in conflict with the Standard. Every effort should be made to exclude dogs with genetic defects. The intent should be to produce Greyhounds of exceptional quality in physical health, temperament, and conformation to the Standard.

The age and conditions of the bitch shall be given consideration before she is bred. Generally, it is not advisable to breed a bitch under 18 months or over 7 years, although an older bitch may be determined by a veterinarian to be in good condition and capable of whelping a litter. When a bitch’s cycle is under one year, there should be no breeding at two successive seasons, unless there is a very exceptional reason. One should use restraint in a breeding program to avoid contributing to overpopulation.

Puppies shall be well socialized and shall receive proper veterinary care and inoculations. No puppy shall leave the breeder’s possession before the age of 7 weeks.

All dogs offered at stud shall be in good health and free from communicable diseases and serious genetic faults. Discretion should be used in providing stud service and service refused to bitches considered in poor health, of unsound temperament, or having serious genetic faults.

Accurate records of all breedings shall be kept in accordance with the requirements of The American Kennel Club.

Responsibility to Purchasers

Prospective buyers should be screened as thoroughly as possible to determine their desire and ultimate intent for each puppy or dog, and also for their interest and ability to provide a safe, adequate, and loving home for each puppy or dog acquired.

Purchasers shall be provided with written details of feeding, general care, and dates and types of inoculations and worming, and the breeder shall be available to offer future advice as needed.

The breeder shall honestly evaluate the quality of all Greyhounds sold and fairly represent that evaluation.

Appropriate papers should be transferred to the buyer and any specific agreement should be made by written contract. The contract shall ensure that the breeder will be contacted whenever an owner can no longer keep a dog at any time in the dog’s lifetime, and it will be the obligation of the breeder to assist in the placement or disposition of the dog.

Breeders shall not knowingly sell or consign puppies or adult dogs to pet stores, puppy brokers or other commercial dealers, and shall not dispose of any puppy or adult dog, owned or co-owned by them in shelters, pounds, or any other rescue organization.

Responsibility toward Fellow Members

Each member shall at any time conduct himself in a manner of good sportsmanship. No member shall make false or misleading statements about another member, competitor, or dog. Each member shall conduct himself in a fair and courteous manner all dog events.

Responsibility to the Public

All advertising shall be honest and not in any way misrepresentative.

Each member shall present an accurate image of the Greyhound to the public, and shall promote responsible ownership by both words and actions.

Responsibility to the Club

Each member shall demonstrate tolerance, regard for others, and a willingness to work together for the welfare and benefit of the Greyhound and the Greyhound Club of America.

Each member shall accept any majority vote of the club as the wishes of the club. Proposed changes that might benefit the breed or the club will be made in an orderly and responsible manner.

Each member must realize that his behavior reflects the public image of the Greyhound Club of America and shall act accordingly.

As with many AKC parent clubs, the membership process is by application, sponsorship, and approval by the board of directors.  

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