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The Greyhound Club of America is the national breed club for Greyhounds within the American Kennel Club. The GCA promotes responsibility breeding of Greyhounds as well as training and showing in a variety of venues.


The Greyhound is a large sighthound. They are both elegant and athletic and also affectionate and gentle. However they are also capable of great intensity during sporting events. Historically, the Greyhound is a very old breed, probably originating in the eastern Mediterranean region and has been used to course a variety of game over a variety of terrain at extreme speed for thousands of years. The breed was first recognized in this country by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

The GCA is the parent organization that oversees most recognized Greyhound activities in the United States. The GCA unites people interested in breeding and competition, and improving and preserving the health and character of the breed for the purposes of showing, coursing, agility, obedience, etc.  in addition to pet ownership. It is also responsible for promoting good sportsmanship at events that are held under its auspices.

Here you can learn about Greyhounds as both companions and competition dogs, and about the breed’s history, temperament traits, and overall health and care. You can also learn more about Greyhound activities and upcoming events, and about our club, with resources to connect with breeders and fellow Greyhound fanciers.

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Their beauty and attitude is what drew me to Greyhounds. Watching them run is truly a thing of beauty, whether they be young or old. They are smart and exceptional hounds that do enjoy working alongside their masters. You really cannot ask for a better dog.   —  Annemarie Pack

2015 Western Specialty

The 2015 GCA Western Specialty is now over and Best in Specialty was awarded to GCH WINDROCK EASY MONEY SC , bred by K & C Fritzler and owned and handled by Faith Burnham. Rowan is out of DCH Sobers Ippolito SC FCH and Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC.

Faith also won Best Owner Handler.

Congratulation Faith!

Click here for a link to the marked catalog of the show.


Additional shows
Hatboro Dog Club, Wednesday, 9/30/2015
Morris and Essex Kennel Club, 10/1/2015
Devon Dog Show Association, Saturday, 10/3/2015

Host hotel: Ramada in New Hope, PA (215-862-5221)
Educational events:  Thursday,  October 1st
1) Briefing for GCA approved seminar presenters
2) Briefing for GCA approved ringside judges’ mentors
3) Presentation on Bloat & the Bloat study that GCA has helped fund

GCA Eastern Specialty — Friday, October 2, 2015
Note: This year the Eastern is not an independent show. The classes at the Hatboro  will be considered the 2015 Eastern Specialty.
Hatboro Dog Club, Wrightstown, PA
Judges: Breed & Obedience, Dagmar Kenis Pordham; Sweepstakes, Beth Anne Gordon
Show Chair — Robert Praust
Trophy Chair – Patti Clark
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Lure Coursing — Saturday, October 3, 2015
Trial hours from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Two JC tests, one QC for all sighthounds
Trial for Greyhounds only
Two CAT tests
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Banquet will be at the Buttonwood Grill in Peddler’s Village.
Click here for more information and a banquet reservation form
or contact Joan Malak to reserve via PayPal

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  • Interested in a Greyhound puppy?

    greyhound-puppiesAKC greyhound breeders are a small group and it is not unusual to have to go outside your area for a puppy. That means building a relationship over the phone with the breeder and through networking with others who may have bought a puppy from this breeder previously. The breeder should be happy to supply you with those contacts. Contact our Breeder Referral.

  • Memorials


    Visit our Memorial Page to see tributes to Greyhounds that have passed.

    To add a memorial to your Greyhound email a photo as well as the dog’s registered name, call name, sire and dam (if known), and a short tribute to Joan Malak

This breed is so underrated. They are sweet, clean, smell good! and are funny. But you had better have a fenced yard. This is one of the best breeds to own. — Susan Cassem

They have a sense of humor and make me laugh. — Elaine Miller Summerhill 

Living with a Greyhound is like living with of beautiful piece of art. — Anita Rodriguez Pugh