Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

Published in the AKC Gazette, November 2021If you are new to the breed, one of the best ways to learn about the breed is to find a mentor.    A good mentor is a person with experience and time in the breed.    There is no set amount of time that the person needs to be involved but an experienced person has … Read More

Parent Club Membership

Published in the AKC Gazette, May 2021Parent Clubs are composed of groups of people with a singular interest in promoting the AKC recognized breed they have chosen to become involved. Parent Clubs are usually members of AKC that host shows and AKC performance events for both members and non-members to participate.   The Parent Club may also authorize or sanction local … Read More

Greyhound Lover’s Resource

Published in the AKC Gazette, February 2021When I first started in greyhounds in 1985, the thing I needed most was a comprehensive resource to give me information about the breed.     There were a few GCA pamphlets, an obedience book called “Play Training Your Dog” by Gail Burnham, a few children’s books, and later I found some antique coursing books.    There … Read More